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Never too small to make a difference.


This second year brief was to create an integrated and gamified campaign for Woolworths Food that addresses the growing issue of food wastage. The leading reasons for perfectly edible food going to waste are that people fear unconventional aesthetics of food and food nearing expiration dates are deemed dangerous to consume.

Additionally, many people feel that the little things they do make no diffrence.


Woolworths prides themselves on being “the difference” in their customers’ lives. This campaign aims to show consumers that they are Never Too Small To Make a Difference. The idea of a Woolworths Imperfect Collection will normalise imperfections of food.


The Woolworths Imperfect Collection will make available foods that would previously be unwanted or go uneaten at lower costs - for example dairy nearing expiration, bruised fruit, mishapen vegatables, and such. Consumers will be incentivised to shop this collection through a point system that rewards in price deductions from future purchases. Customers can also earn points by sharing the food and meals they’ve prepared using the Imperfect Collection on their social media, which Woolworths will share.

Fun Run

The campaign will be launched with a sponsored fun run that offers refreshments from the Imperfect Collection to give consumers the opportunity to see that these foods taste just as good and have all the same nutritional value.

New Mobile App Feature

This initiative will live inside of Woolworth’s existing mobile app. Items listed under the Imperfect Collection will have symbols to indicate why the item is imperfect. On their profiles, users can track their progress to the next reward. They will also be given a breakdown of the natural resources (in numbers of tubs of water saved, cars off the road, and homes powered) that they have helped to save by shopping the Imperfect Collection, which they can share.

Mobile App Features



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